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At RH Office Interiors RHOI, we install a variety of storage systems and accessories to help you achieve the most space saving. You'll receive prompt services on high-density mobile files or file shelving.


We'll help you find a more substantial way to use your space with conventional storage. Our file shelving units ensure your business space and productivity is used entirely for storing and retrieving your documents. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED.

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High-density mobile shelving

You can store more in less space with high-density mobile shelving. High-density mobile shelving outranks traditional static storage. It maximizes the standard for almost any space where things are stored.


The challenge faced with traditional storage is that it takes up a fixed amount of space. As your business grows, so does the amount of items needing to be stored. Too much being stored in your office can lead to decreased productivity, and bring down your business as a whole.


High-density mobile shelving installation can solve these issues. Our expert technicians can have your mobile storage system functioning in no time. It will end fixed aisles and create movable ones that cut your storage space. Incorporating this simple system into your business allows you to store the same amount of items in half of the space.

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